POLLINOSPORT.IT is the most current, informative website dedicated to all the sport activities that takes place in Pollino National Park, Italy's biggest protected area, located between Calabria and Basilicata.


Trekking and rafting, canyoning, climbing, mountain bike and horse riding: these are only some of the many outdoor activities the Pollino National Park offers throughout the year.

A proper outdoor gym where visitors will be able to find the activities they like the most and discover an invaluable cultural, landscaping and natural heritage.

Italy’s widest protected area is a vital and dynamic territory where you can walk, ride, climb or paddle your way through the perfect harmony with one of the richest places in Italy in terms of biodiversity.

The variegated morphology of this area has contributed to shape a land where mountain tops coexist with dense forests and some of the most beautiful and dizziest canyons in the world, carved by rushing rivers and streams, a land where the changing of the seasons is no impediment to living outdoors.

The Pollino National Park and its variety of natural (and human) environments represent an exceptional area which is worth knowing: a place made of many different places which joins together a wild and uncontaminated nature and environments rich in history, culture and folk wisdom.